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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Gast

    I've got a little bit concerned about my trip to Holland.I've been to Amsterdam a week ago and used a Red Light District girl(pretty stupid,I know,just my curiosity)Now I'm scared if I haveHIV.
    So that's what happened..She put a condom on me and gave me oral sex.Her lips also touched my ,,balls,,..Then we did vaginal sex(doggystyle)..The thing is that 4 days later my ,,balls,,started scratching a little bit..In 2 more days it stopped,but I have now(6 days later)some signs of:a runny nose,really tired from doing nothing,a little bit fever..But it can also be the fact that I did swimming before recieving these flu-like simptomes..dunno..
    Now I'm scared as hell to get HIV or Cancer ,although they say that girls in Amsterdam have health tests every 2 months or so..
    Thank u for your attention..I hope it's notthat crappy as I think.
    Another thing is that I think after sex,the other side of the condom touched my penis..Is this dangerous too?
    please help.
  2. Marion

    Marion Administrator Team

    There's no risk for anHIV infection. Using a condom is the safest way of sex. Just keep on using condoms!

    PS. This doesn't mean, that you couldn't get infected with other STDs. If the symptoms don't vanish, you should ask a doctor to test you on hepatitis and other (very easy to get) STDs.
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