Really urgent question HIV , very early symptoms?

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    I had sex with a sex worker 2 days ago on Sunday evening , I used Condom properly , but after ejaculation , I continued the sex , my penis was not shrieked so much ,but when I brought it out I noticed first Condom was half way slipped off , and the open part of the penis was wet , when I opened the Condom I noticed that I it was firm and when I touched the part of penis , that was under Condom , it was not wet like the other part , mostly oily like it gets from the Condom oil , I really got panicked and I asked the worker , she said she uses always condom , when I came home , I had a really bad feeling and could not sleep , on Monday , Yesterday , I had the feeling of fever , maybe very slight , less than 38 , also maybe since on Sunday the weather was cold and I had walked a lot , then last night still I was stressful and could not sleep almost at all , I had feelings on my tongue , in the morning I noticed this white skinned off symptoms on the edge of my tongue , exactly where they have contact with my teeth , but not like the photos in internet , I have seen it before also , because I have crossed in rear teeth , and when I am stressed , I was pressing my tongue to my teeth all the time , in the first hours of this morning they went off , so they lasted only last night , I really wish they are not the symptom , then two red bumps , small , on rear of my tongue , maybe they were also always or before, that my friend told me it's due to cold notHIV , I have lost my appetite last night and today , no breakfast ,and till now only one small cake , I went today to 2 institutes to talk about it and they told it's very unlikely , low probability , they checked my fever and said it's 37.3 , maybe at that moment , specially last night when I slept I was not feeling fever but later when during the day I was walking outside , I was feeling it. the doctor told me that if the vaginal fluid leaks in the condom , the condom oil kills the Virus , can I be hopeful ? that my symptoms are too early and or not related ,sorry I wrote too much , cause I wanted to explain everything.. is it possible that due to the loss of apetite it could be sth else ?
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